Tips on how to plan your 2020/21 Ski Trip

Tips on how to plan your 2020/21 Ski Trip

Our spectacular mountain destinations offer the ideal environment to escape the masses and enjoy some quality time with loved ones in a special place where the air is crisp and clean, the surroundings breathtaking, and outdoor adventures abound.

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Safety: Cleanliness is Key!

Rocky Mountain Getaways is analyzing all of our lodging and service providers in order to develop a preferred list of those providers who are stepping up their focus and efforts on sanitizing their lodging, vehicles, and facilities. We have always worked hard to ensure the cleanliness focus of our suppliers but feel that there needs to be a much greater emphasis on these aspects of the travel experience moving forward.  

Service: Getting Help When You Need It

When indications first emerged that the Coronavirus might impact our clients’ impending vacations, we reached out immediately to begin the discussion of possible closures and changes that might affect their travel. When the closures began, we took the lead with our suppliers to secure refunds and future travel credits. In fact, we issued many refunds to our clients before receiving them from our suppliers. Relationships and integrity are always critical, but in these uncertain times, they are crucial to ensuring you are protected. RMG will always be there, 24/7!

Assurance: Your Vacation Investment Security is Paramount

Deposit and cancellation policies are changing daily to address the evolving environment, some are being extremely flexible with “Risk-Free” policies including minimal-to-no deposits and balances due just 48 hours prior to arrival while others are being a bit more conservative. We work with our suppliers and customers to make sure you are making the smart choice based on your travel needs and concerns.
*Depending on your travel dates, full refunds for cancellations are a reality, so book in advance and reserve your spot soon!