Vacation Consultants & Why You Need One

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Have you traveled during the COVID-19 pandemic? How was it? Did everything go your way? Or did you find yourself caught by surprise when you arrived at your destination?

When you work with a Vacation Consultant you undoubtedly receive expert advice. These are trained professionals that have insight into the way the travel industry works and operates. But have you ever worked with a Vacation Consultant that lives in your destination? Vacation Consultants are becoming increasingly valuable, especially in this changing industry.

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If not, let us share why a local Vacation Consultant is the key to a truly memorable and well-planned vacation. Imagine getting on the phone with someone who lives just minutes up the road from your destination. When you ask questions, you’ll receive real-life, genuine answers rather than distant advice from thousands of miles away.

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Something that we are really proud of at Rocky Mountain Getaways is that all of our agents live just a short drive from the ski resorts we send our customers to. This means that all of our agents are able to tell our customers exactly what the lift lines are like, where the best snow on the mountain is, and what it’s like to visit our mountain towns. A non-local just doesn’t have that knowledge, especially when the travel industry is changing at such a rapid pace since the start of the pandemic. Our local Vacation Consultants can provide on the ground support through any strange situation you may encounter during your vacation. 

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The best part about all this? Our local Vacation Consultants provide that level of service in any situation, for free. So, while it is more important than ever to have a helping hand when it comes to traveling these days, we’ve always got your back! No matter the circumstance. Still have questions?

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